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Budapest is Historic Tour

Buda is Historic Tour

Buda (on the Western side). This part is the historical Castle District which is the cultural and tourist center. Going back now more than 1000 years when our founding fathers found this spit of land for establishing a new country  from that time begins our rich but bumpy journey. There are only a few still tangible artifacts from this area but they are held greatly and securely even to this day. 



Price: Guide: 4 hours = 75 €
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Pest is Historic Tour

Pest (on the Eastern side). Pest is the center of political, financial, economical  life and of course center of the night life.There is a lot to see. You could  fine churches, castles, Roman medieval and Turkish monuments, historical palaces, museums, galleries, historical bridges, thermal spas, festivals. 

Price: Guide: 4 hours = 75€
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